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Back to basics

No matter how long you have been practicing Pilates for, whether you are a total novice with little or no experience of any movement discipline or you are super duper highly advanced Pilates-Yogi extraordinaire who can balance on one finger nail, practicing the Pilates fundamentals is key.

Everyone can benefit and find value in the basics; they are our bread and butter.

I speak for myself when I say the beginner exercises (or ‘Pre-Pilates exercises as I call them) are HARD when you do them properly! They will never be easy.. you will feel yourself getting stronger, more flexible, more balanced, more body aware the more you do them, but never will you find them a doddle (if you do, you are doing them wrong and just going through the motions!) They are always worth doing!!

The more advanced exercises all stem from Pre-Pilates exercises anyway and in any level class, I would always begin with these to give the mind and the body a chance to connect with one another and to get into the Pilates mode.

Every exercise and movement we do in Pilates – beginner or advanced, should be done mindfully with the below principles in mind…


Every exercise is co-ordinated with the breath. This increased level of consciousness we bring to our breathing helps us to connect more to our core and send release to other parts of the body


The 3 dimensional space between our ribcage and pelvis – our ‘centre’ supports our spine and provides the body with power


Every exercise is done with complete muscular control. No body part is left to its own devices. It is all a conscious, deliberate movement that the mind is controlling.


Attention to detail in order to obtain optimum alignment


‘Co-ordinating mind with body with spirit’


Exercises are carried out with a sense of flowing energy


To all you gym bunnies out there who want to work hard, feel the burn and do complicated and advanced exercises – I hear you! BUT… To really understand Pilates, you must first slow down, connect your mind and body and practice the fundamentals. Through working correctly, I promise you will still feel the burn and give your body a deep and true workout.

Give your body the time it deserves. Patience.

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