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An introduction

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am not completely new to blogging. In 2013-14 my boyfriend, Kyle and I went travelling (a late gap year!) to South and Central America for 9 months and we documented our entire journey at

It was through this experience that I realised how much I enjoyed writing. I took pleasure in taking some time out to express through words; my thoughts, feelings and experiences to the reader. It’s fun to indulge and have an outlet.

In June 2014, the wandering travellers returned, a little depleted of funds and without a home, we moved in with my lovely parents in Surrey and for the next 14 months worked like troopers to save up and do the giant leap to purchasing our first place in Clapham (owning a little piece of London as my good friend Libby would say). In under a few years we shifted from our somewhat nomadic day-to-day existence to suddenly responsible homeowners looking to the future! My focus has completely changed; I am so excited to be building up my business and evolving and developing as a bodywork practitioner here in London.. However my awesome travels (that no amount of words can actually describe just quite how awesome they were) shaped me as a person and my itchy travelling feet may need scratching again in the not so distant future! For now though, I am home.

This blog will be about the body and all things related.

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