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  • Using Apple Airplay to stream from device to your TV/iMAC?
    1. If you have an Apple TV box you should be able to use the AirPlay feature to mirror your laptop, iPad or iPhone screen to the Apple TV box. Alternatively if you have a smart TV with Apple TV built in you may be able to share directly to the TV. 2. You will need to make sure both device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and TV or iMac are connected to the same network. 3. Select which class you would like to take. 4. Click the play video button on the image thumbnail. 5. As the video starts playing click the "AirPlay" logo in the bottom left corner of the video controls, the small box with triangle below it. 6. Tap the TV or iMac device you would like to stream to. 7. Tadaaa... you can now enjoy Holistic Body Online on your TV. 8. You can pause, play and rewind from the phone screen. When the class finishes just go back onto your phone, exit using the X and select another class from your phone. 9. You can learn more about how to use all of Apple Airplays features by checking our their Apple Support Page.
  • Logging in issues?
    Whilst it might seem obvious to say it, with so many passwords and login's nowadays its easy to lose track, we suggest the following: Double check the email address you registered to Holistic Body Online with (and the spelling). You can find the correct email address by searching for the Holistic Body Online confirmation email in your inbox. You should only need to use one email address when registering to the website but if you registered to the Holistic Body Partner programme using one email address and then a different email when signing up to a subscription package or Live Class you will need to make sure you use the right email for the right access. Make sure the email address with your subscription attached is the one you are trying to access it with. Make sure your password is spelt correctly, keep an eye on the TABS buttons as it capitalises letters.
  • How do I cancel?
    Monthly subscribers can cancel subscriptions to Holistic Body Online at any time. If you cancel mid way through your monthly billing cycle you will still have access to the service until the end of your billing cycle. Annual subscribers cannot cancel mid cycle due to the nature of the sign up terms. Monthly subscribers, visit your account profile in the top right corner, via the dropdown menu click "My Subscription", here you can view all active subscriptions. Click the dropdown arrow, from here you will get more info and the "Cancel Subscription" button. Click to cancel. Alternatively please email: and we'll cancel it manually for you as soon as we can, please allow 24 hours. Remember we want this service to be as beneficial and useful to as many people as possible. If your reason for cancelling is financial please do not hesitate to ask for a discount, we would be happy to discuss your needs. If you are cancelling for any other reason, as a small business customer experience means everything. We'd love to know why you are cancelling, so please get in contact.
  • How do I change my account email address?
    Unfortunately due to the system we use to manage our site members accounts we cannot manually change your email address from the one you originally used to sign up with as it's connected directly to your payment information. As a work around you would need to sign up with your new email address and purchase another Plan (ideally as close to the renewal date as possible). Once you are up and running with your new plan, simply email us to "Cancel" your previous subscription and delete your old account/email. If our service provider adds this function in the future we'll update this FAQ.
  • How do I connect my Android device to the TV?
    USB cable - The latest smart TVs with USB and phones with USB should support mirroring with a cable. So try plugging your phone in with a USB cable. LG Smart TV (2019 or newer) - Mirror your screen using Airplay — read more Samsung TV - Cast your Samsung phone to your Samsung TV or use the Smartview app Chromecast - Cast your phone screen from the Google Home app — read more Roku - Casting to TV via Roku — read more Amazon FireTV or FireTV Stick - Cast via your Amazon FireTV or FireTV Stick — read more
  • Options to stream classes from a laptop to TV?
    You will likely need an HDMI cable to go from your laptop to the TV. For an Apple laptop you will probably need an HDMI adapter, which one depends on your output options, most likely a thunderbolt/USB-C or Mini Display port. On your TV go the the HDMI input to view, you'll need to use your laptop to browse the website still. The sound should connect through the TV automatically but this might need configuring on the Laptop audio output settings.
  • How do I reset my Login Password?
    To reset your password, firstly log out if you are already logged in. Then head to the "Member login / Signup" page. Click "Log in" located next to "Already a member?". Click "Forgot password?". Enter your original email you signed up with and click "Create Password" Head to your email account and click the "Create New Password" link. Type in your new password and save it somewhere special. If you experience any issues whilst trying to do this please email: and request a password change. We will manually setup your password reset and will email you back to let you know we have done so. You will then be encouraged to setup a new password next time you login. This will follow the same method as before but with a manual reset to start with.
  • How do I use the "categories" and "search" feature for classes?
    Using the categories feature: Desktop: Navigate to your video channel in either the individuals "members" page or through your "Partner" Holistic Hub on the player page. In the top right corner of the channel use the categories dropdown to search for classes you like. Mobile: Navigate to your video channel, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner or click the underlined channel title in the centre of the player window (above Watch Now). This takes you to the channel page and here you can find classes by selecting the "All Categories" dropdown on the left. Search feature: Due to the different design of channels on desktop and mobile we can only offer the search feature when on mobile devices. If this feature is activated on the desktop player we will update you. Mobile: Following the steps as before to enter the channel, at the bottom right of the screen you will see a magnifying glass on a grey backdrop. When you click this you will be able to type in a selection of tags provided, this will narrow down your search if you are looking for something specific, like "back pain" or "Stretching" for example.
  • How do I become a site member?
    Any user of HBOnline must become a "site member" by signing up to the website. Click any signup page links in the copy or click the "Member Login / Signup" button in the top right of the desktop page or mobile menu (three lines on top of each other). Enter your details, make sure you have read and agreed to our "Terms/Privacy" policy. Verify your email address by clicking the link in the email sent to you. After you have registered, as an Individual user you can purchase a plan and as a Partner member you can now access your Partners "Video Player Page".
  • How regularly should I practice?
    I would say that you most certainly can take these classes everyday but it's about making choices. Firstly, if you are new to this kind of movement, I would go slow and start with the beginners/breathing tutorial/slow flow classes perhaps a few times a week just to see how your body feels and responds. It is normal to feel a bit of superficial muscle soreness but if pain/discomfort lingers for more than a few days then it's a sign that perhaps you have overdone it and might need a longer rest between. If you find that you have built up nicely to 2-3 times a week and the body feels open for more then certainly add to that routine. The body likes variety so where on one day you might do a higher intensity class the following day you might choose a more stretch based class or if you do a lower body class one day, the next do an upper body one etc. I find the more you move, the more you want and need to move! It's a healthy addiction... hope you love it!
  • ‘What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?’... ‘Which one is better for me?’
    Whilst they do come from very different places in time and stem from very different paths; one in body biomechanics, the other in spirituality; both are primarily about the mind body connection. Both encourage conscious movement and a return to the body so therefore why not practice both?! I believe that they complement each other wonderfully.
  • When should I start to feel the benefits?
    Hopefully from the first class you should feel a little more calm, mindful and relaxed in your mental state. The physical changes may take a little longer. It is about carving out a regular routine for yourself and as time goes on, bit by bit, you should feel the changes in your body; stronger and more mobile. From feeling the changes you will soon then see the changes! Leaner and more toned. "Just wanted to say that almost 1 week in and I am starting to feel the benefits of Pilates! I am definitely loosening up and feel less tension in my body!” - Ann-Marie April 2022
  • Whats Hannah's training and experience in Yoga?
    I remember that I first began to feel a connection to yoga when I started going to regular evening classes when I was at Laban. It was from then that yoga became a part of my movement practice. It was certainly sporadic at times and clockwork regular at others but it has remained a discipline that I have loved to practice and develop. Over the years, through travelling, house moves and holidays, I have experienced many different types of yoga from Kundalini to Ashtanga to Acroyoga to Iyengar but the style that most resonates with me is Vinyasa Flow. This may be because of it’s dance-like quality and the emphasis on creativity. I love the invitation it extends to really explore the postures in my own body, nurturing curiosity and play. Whilst I have always loved the physical practice of yoga, being honest, the spiritual side has resonated a lot more with me only latterly. In July 2020 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition; Graves disease; an overactive thyroid and have been struggling with a whole host of symptoms. I turned my attention inwards and have been on a real journey of self-discovery through holistic health practices such as Reiki, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Cranialsacral therapy and made big adjustments to diet and lifestyle. Yoga was a vital part of this journey and this yogic philosophy and lifestyle was a great support to me. Through these health struggles along with covid lockdowns and a house move it kept me going and has helped me to heal but to also gain a new perspective on my life. I finally took the plunge in 2022 to embark on a yoga teacher training programme, qualifying as a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher.
  • What is Pilates?
    Developed in the early part of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, it is a type of mind body exercise. Specific muscles are targeted through the repetition of various exercises with the key principles such as breath, precision, control and concentration at the heart. The many benefits of practicing Pilates include improvement in alignment through increased body awareness, greater strength and flexibility, reduction of pain & fatigue and improvement in balance.
  • Whats Hannah's training and experience in Pilates?
    Movement has always been a huge part of my life. I started dancing at the age of 3 and continued all the way through to a 3-year BA (Hons) dance theatre degree at Laban in London, specialising in contemporary and ballet. From my mid-teens and throughout my degree I experienced quite a few injuries. At the time, I saw them as major setbacks, limiting me and in turn, knocking my confidence in my own body’s capabilities. It was at Laban that I experienced Pilates for the first time. The school had an amazing Pilates studio on site with even more amazing, inspiring and empathetic teachers that worked there. I ended up spending a lot of my time there; going to remedial sessions and in turn, learning a whole lot more about myself. I felt that these ‘set backs’ helped me to develop as a person, not just on a physical strength level but also helped me to mature mentally, learning how to cope and accept situations. Although I was predominantly practicing Pilates in this time, the wonderful faculty of the studio were trained and influenced by many other movement disciplines such as Girotonic, Body-Mind Centring, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais and Yoga and these blended into their teachings beautifully, offering a holistic, evolved approach. It was through my direct experience that I became fascinated with movement and therapy for injury rehabilitation and this prompted my desire to go deeper and learn how to help others so after graduating, I undertook an 18 month fulltime Pilates teacher training programme. I qualified at the end of 2011 and have enjoyed an informative, busy and rewarding 11 years of teaching mat and studio based Pilates in and around London.
  • What is Yoga?
    Yoga was developed 5000 years ago for wellbeing on all levels. Besides the physical practice there is great emphasis on the mental, emotional and spiritual practice too. Physical postures and breathing techniques help to focus the mind and bring us to the present moment. There are many different types of yoga. Hannah teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. There are many physical benefits of practicing yoga like improved strength and flexibility but there is also other benefits like improvement in mental health; relaxation, helping with anxiety or depression and improving energy and sleep.
  • I am pregnant, what can I do?
    We refer you to our User Terms (half way down) on Pregnancy and Postnatal. "If pregnant, please consult your doctor before using the Service. In the first trimester, all our classes should be suitable for an uncomplicated pregnancy. This is providing that you are in good health, engaged in physical exercise pre-pregnancy and you have not been told of any pre-existing medical condition that may affect your ability to exercise safely. If you are unsure or have any additional concerns you should seek advice from a health professional before participating in any classes. After the first trimester certain exercises are not suitable during pregnancy, thereafter only the pregnancy specific classes are suitable to use. If in doubt you must stop your use of the service and seek advice from a physician."
  • Tell me more about the free trial and Live class?
    14 Day Free Trial: Every member gets one 14 day free trial to test out Holistic Body before they roll over into an active member if they decide to continue using the platform. All members will need to enter their payment details to activate the free trial, this is to ensure a smooth transition after the 14 days. You won't be charged your subscription fee until the free trial ends, then you'll be charged monthly until you cancel. One Free Live Stream Class: All new monthly or annual subscribers to Holistic Body are also encouraged to join a free Live zoom class with Hannah. These classes are subject to availability, they are an opportunity to touch base with Hannah and experience her teaching style or ask any questions about the on-demand platform. To claim this free class, when you sign up to a plan you will receive an email confirmation and this will contain a discount code, this code should be applied at the checkout when you are booking your live class from the booking page found here. The discount code is only valid for one time use and cannot be shared to others.
  • How does my subscription plan cover my household?
    When you subscribe to Holistic Body Online as an "Individual" signup your plan also provides access to friends or family members who live in the same household as you. This is only available to members over 18 years old and only after your 14 day free trial has ended. You must not share your password with them directly, instead they need to register to the website in the same way you did. This ensures they agree to our T&C's/Privacy Policy and so we have their contact details for insurance purposes. When signing up, they will be asked "Are you signing up through our Partner Programme, your Households HB Member or as an Individual?" your household member should select "Household HB Member", a dropdown will appear and they need to enter your name as it appears on your initial registration to Holistic Body Online. We will then manually add them to your account, their account will remain active until you cancel your plan. Please allow us 24 hrs to activate their account. Remember please do not give your account details and password to anyone, this is a breach of our Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you first signed up. Thank you.
  • As an "Individual user" how do I sign up to Holistic Body Online?
    Before you purchase a plan you need to become a "site member" by signing up to the website. Click any signup page links in the copy or click the "Member Login / Signup" button in the top right of the desktop page or mobile menu (three lines on top of each other). Enter your details, make sure you have read/agree to our "Terms/Privacy" policy. If prompted, verify your email address by clicking the link in the email sent to you. Once registered to the "Subscribe" page and choose a price point you are happy with. We kindly request you only choose the HB: Offer £3.99 option if you currently work in public services or are requiring financial support. If you really want access but the £3.99 price point is to much please reach out directly, we do not want finances to get in the way of access to this service. Enter your payment card or PayPal details and submit your payment. After your free 14 days you will roll over into an active account and will be charged monthly from that date until cancelled. You'll receive an email confirming your purchase as well as your coupon code for your Free Live Zoom class (these classes are subject to availability). You can now access the Members page which hosts the Holistic Body player.
  • How many users can we authorise?
    An unlimited amount is the short answer. Depending on how you are going to use this service, you will need to estimate roughly how many accounts you'll need access for. For example this maybe part of an employee perks package or it could be a short run promotion gifted to customers. You decide (and we agree) how many authorised accounts you require access to. Once setup you can distribute your "Partner Hub" password to those people you decide. Typically, your access fee will be reflected in the amount of accounts you require, if this is difficult to estimate then for a small premium we can authorise "unlimited access". This works much like your phone's unlimited data plan, where unlimited means "unlimited within reason" and you are unlikely to breach a realistic threshold of accounts... but if you do of course we'll just let you know.
  • How does Partner signup work?
    Initially when an potential partner reaches out we discuss their unique challenges or needs as an organisation, we'll be able to provide a demo "Partner Hub" to trial and "see whats under the hood" as they say. Then you decide how many authorised accounts you require and we will work out a monthly or annual fee depending on your preference. After we have agreed the fee we will issue a standard "Terms of Use" contract outlining the key details. If we haven't already, during the demo phase we will build your unique Partner Hub URL page, this is protected by a unique password (of your choice). From your private Holistic Body Hub, you will be guided to the "Player" page which hosts the video content alongside some tips on how to navigate it. You then communicate your password to your selected users along with your Holistic Body Online URL link. Before your authorised users can access the "Channel" content page they need to register their details with Holistic Body Online. This is to ensure we know who is using the site, they have agreed to our terms and privacy policy, this is an insurance requirement for us. Once registered users can head to the player page and enjoy unlimited access to all the fitness and wellbeing content. Your Holistic Body Hub password can be changed monthly, quarterly, annually or not at all.
  • What is the Holistic Body Partner Programme?
    Our Partner Programme allows organisations of any size to become users of Holistic Body Online, our video on-demand fitness and wellbeing service. We have designed the platform to offer a flexible, affordable and easy to use solution for organisations to access our content from anywhere in world, at any time, whenever their users need. Once setup, active Partners have their own "Holistic Hub", an exclusive, password protected, fully branded (if requested) page containing all the digital content. The service is primarily movement based, including Pilates and more recently Yoga as well. Other content includes guided meditations, breathing techniques, soundscapes, visualscapes and tutorials to help deepen users own practice.
  • As a partner, how do we stop or pause access to our organisations Holistic Body Hub?
    It's very simple, you'll just need to change the Hub Page password to prevent access to the protected pages. We can also change the unique URL of your Holistic Body Hub as well at any time. New passwords and URL will need to be re-shared with your selected authorised users. Previous users will not need to re-register for an Holistic Body User account but new users to the Hub will need to register for the first time to gain access to the player page.
  • Who can we authorise to use Holistic Body Online?
    As a Holistic Body Partner you have full control over who you authorise to use the service. This includes for example (but is not limited to); employees, clients, volunteers, sponsors, hospitality guests and even friends and family... simply anyone connected to your organisation that you would like to provide a free fitness and wellbeing platform to. Oh... did we mention if you are signing up for your employees', their household members (over 18) are covered as well at no additional charge! How do we calculate this? Let's say you signup for 100 authorised accounts, we add on a 20% threshold. And whilst we'd love everyones family/household to take advantage of this offer, in reality it is probably unlikely everyone will, that why we include 20%. This means that up to 120 people can signup using your organisations hub, 20 more than you pay for. But don't worry if theres a few extra users we won't be chasing you for more fee's, the more wellbeing in peoples lives the better is how we see it.
  • So we can offer this service to our employee's household as well?
    Thats right, the best bit is yet to come. Not only are you providing a service for your employee's health and wellbeing, but you are actively providing the option for their household to use it as well and that's on us, there's no additional charge to you. As we said in our mission statement "Everyone should have access to premium health services, no matter their circumstance". One authorised account covers an entire household. A healthy home and a healthy family helps promote a healthy lifestyle for your employee... that can only be a good thing, right? For your household members to sign up all they need to do is register for the site, whilst registering just add the name of the Partner providing the service.
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