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A couple who's desire for travel, wellbeing and a healthy work/life balance inspired them to combine professions and build a business that brings fitness and wellbeing into peoples lives in a creative and accessible way.

"Everyone should have access to affordable and quality complimentary healthcare services"




Hannah and Kyle met back in 2006 at Laban; a dance conservatoire in London. Both with dreams of becoming contemporary dancers they undertook an intensive three year dance degree, ultimately coming through with 2:1s BA Hons in Dance Theatre. They were fortunate enough to be in rooms opposite each other at halls of residence and thats where their new friendship slowly grew into something more special. In true dancer style they both experienced their fair share of injuries during training and fortunately discovered the wonders of remedial Pilates in the state of the art, largest purpose built Pilates studio in the country. Supporting each other along the way, sometimes quite literally from class to class and with the outstanding Pilates and dance science department, they got through their three years. Hannah was hooked now on Pilates! Surrounded by dancers and inspiration Kyle got more and more interested in photography, teaching himself through play and practise he ended up receiving an award and first class grade for his 3rd year dissertation piece. He explored slow exposure photographic techniques using LED’s to trace the pathway of a dancer’s movement through space, over time but captured in a single image. Some of this material was later used by the Choreology department at Laban for future students. ​ Following Laban, they both did a handful of dance projects before gradually transitioning and developing their careers. Hannah trained to be a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher and over the next 10+ years worked in studios, dance schools, physiotherapy clinics and local community spaces across London and Surrey. She continued to further her professional development with courses and trainings in Pilates and other bodywork, most recently in Yoga during the summer of 2022. Kyle, over the years continued to work as a photographer specialising in Dance, he also started as a Runner progressing to 3rd and 2nd Assistant Director on UK film productions. Whilst being surrounded by film production he started learning about filmmaking which quickly became a keen interest... resulting in more play and practice. Kyle later set up his production company, Pro-Motion Digital and has since enjoyed working in the arts, lifestyle, event, activism, documentary, corporate and commercial industries. He's had the pleasure of filming across the world, from the Maldives to Seattle and across Europe. ​ In 2013/14 they took a late gap year(!) to explore Central and South America, this had an incredible impact on them both, it felt like a pivotal time in their lives together. Igniting a shared passion to travel, see the world, to experience different cultures, learn new skills and meet interesting people along the way. For Kyle and Hannah it helped fuel the desire for the unlimted colour that travelling can bring into their lives as a shared experience. ​ 2016 was the year two became four! Their two kittens Inca and Maya arrived… any guesses where they got the naming inspiration from? In some of the early lockdown class filming in their London living room you’ll likely be taking class with one of the cats, they like to lay around watching others work a lot. ​ Kyle and Hannah finally tied the knot in 2019 with friends and family from all over the world at the Secret Walled Garden in Berkshire, surrounded by fields, TeePee’s, S.American flavours, lots of dancing, fire spinning and plenty of bubbles. Madagascar was the next adventure for their honeymoon. ​ They appreciate just how fortunate they were to have just snuck the wedding in early, before 2020 arrived and the world stopped. Kyle lost multiple jobs including his contract as head of video production at The Drum Magazine, but he instantly picked up his shelved camera equipment and the two of them set up their living room space into a virtual Pilates studio. Hannah retained nearly all of her private one to one clients on Zoom and they began filming movement classes daily... it was here that Holistic Body Online was born! ​ As the restrictions eased and bored of the same four walls they ventured out into the wild, becoming more and more excited about creating unique classes in stunning locations. This was the progression of blending their passion for travel, high quality film production and Holistic wellbeing services. At the end of 2020 they moved out of London to the beautiful Kentish countryside. When they aren’t working, their days are filled; busy renovating their very old chocolate box cottage, out in the garden, baking healthy yummies or cuddling Inca and Maya (on their terms of course). ​ They hope their shared love of the body, creativity, travel and helping people find movement shines through in Holistic Body Online. ​ Oh and yes they still dance... but only at the weekends! ​

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