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'Why Don't They Mention The Pain..?!'

Weekly Pilates matwork classes was on the curriculum during my first year of my Dance Theatre degree at Laban. It was an integral part of my training, but I don’t think I really appreciated its true value until I sustained an injury to my left hip half way through the first year...

The remedial/rehabilitative Pilates that I did helped me to not only return to full strength but to bypass where I was before and become even stronger! I learnt so much about my body through the process and definitely grew more aware of how I was using it. Pilates was my savior.. I felt incredibly fortunate to have been exposed to it, particularly as this was to be the first injury of several..! Broken bones in my feet, ankle problems.. Let's just say that I would not have been able to complete my 3 year dance training had it not been for Pilates.

The wonderful thing about Pilates is that no matter how limited one might be due to injury, it has the ability to empower a person. There is an encouraging and reassuring feeling to be had by building up strength in the body and therefore regaining a level of trust in ones own abilities. By discovering ways in which one can still move without pain is truly liberating. There is often still so much that the body can do in a controlled and safe way whilst managing the injury or condition.

The 'physical' benefits cross to the 'mental' benefits and affect mood. The total body focus consumes the mind and results in calmer, more grounded and often happier individuals.

Moving Pilates bodies are happy healthy bodies!

Pain is a horrible horrible horrible thing..The worst. It's debilitating and depressing and it can be hard to imagine being pain free. What ever your issue, I would really recommend Pilates. Commit to it and you will see results. Don't despair!

This video is of Chita Rivera performing a song written by Ebb and Kander about the aches and pains of being a dancer! My old dance school performed this number in about 1996! I loved it!


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