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Motion is Lotion


We’ve all had it. In fact 1/3 of the UK population experience it each year! Staggering!

In most cases, people don’t seem to have a clear cause – a catalyst that sparks it. A fall or a car accident for example.

If this is you – take a step back and have a look at your lifestyle. People’s bodies adapt to the stresses we place on them.

Do you sit for long periods during the workday? Do you do much moderate physical activity? Is your idea of rest sitting on the sofa watching TV?

Your body will naturally adapt to the postures you are in. The muscles, ligaments, tendons etc become distorted and the ‘normal’ becomes distorted. This unhealthy posture develops.

This also affects our organs; they can become compressed and as a result work inefficiently and we end up feeling sluggish and tired.

Basically our bodies are designed to MOVE and in this modern day and age, we simply aren’t! This is the problem. This is why we then are experiencing pain.

The danger then is that because we are in pain, we become afraid and unwilling to move because we want to protect. This just takes us into a bad cycle.

Pain … don’t move … Pain … don’t move…

Something so wonderful such as Pilates can be the saviour! It can help you heal. It’s Movement!!

By moving in a safe and measured way, moving in all planes and moving all parts of the body, helps to restore balance in the tissues, ease pain and most importantly give you confidence in your body again.

It’s all about changing your internal voice from...

“Movement = Pain” to “Movement = Happiness”


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