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Postnatal Pilates - Why no other form of exercise compares

It takes nine months for a woman to develop and nurture a new life and her body must undergo many complex and amazing changes. The impact of birth physically and emotionally is huge and the journey beyond into motherhood will be unique to each mum! All of this will manifest and play a major role in her physical being and recovery.

As women go through this time period where their bodies are adapting continuously, post natal Pilates can teach new mums how to connect with their body gently and effectively whilst embracing all the ongoing changes that are happening.

Here’s a mind blowing fact for you…

The body becomes strong by releasing.

By actually softening the body through methods like stretching, fascial release and breathing, the post natal body regains strength.

Never underestimate the power of BREATH. There is an intrinsic relationship between the breath and the pelvic floor. Positive and healthy breath patterns will naturally restore the pelvic floor and core function in a way that exercise alone will NEVER manage.

You might have read a previous blog post of mine about the method of releasing the tissues before strengthening them. This could not be more important in approaching postnatal exercise. First - allow tissues to heal/restore/unwind/lengthen … then … strengthen.

So permission to indulge in the gentleness! We often encourage mums to observe their babies movement patterns and notice how effortless they move ‘Move like your baby!’

What really sticks with me is the phase ‘Once post natal… always post natal’. You have had a baby...that will always be a fact through the rest of your life! My hope is to create a safe and effective way for women to rediscover their postnatal bodies and learn to love the changes that have taken place whilst they were busy creating new life! This is an opportunity for them to gain an understanding about their bodies that they never had before. This new found knowledge and growing stability and strength stands them in good stead not only for the immediate time with their baby but for the long term – LIFE!

Come and trial a class with me and meet other mums and babies!

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