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Unplug in a plugged in world

In the last 6 months, I have thrown myself into social media, totally committing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Meetup and various other social networking sites with the sole purpose to promote and grow my business. ‘You have to embrace it in this day and age’ people kept telling me.

Reluctantly I came on board and before I knew it, I got hooked! Checking my phone all the time, planning my next #Pilates pic/vid, feeling a little giddy when I got a ‘like’, feeling more so when I got a new ‘follower’, feeling a pang losing one!

My boyfriend, Kyle, who had always been more social media savvy than me, started to get frustrated when I couldn’t go a whole film without checking my phone because it pinged! ‘I have to be consistent with my tweets – it’s work related’ I would reply. Exactly... Work on a Friday night, Sunday afternoon, first thing in the morning before I’m out of bed. I never switched my phone off, I never switched my brain off.

I did not want to become that person in relationships; together in body but engaged elsewhere in mind.

The irony is that my business is about the mind-body connection, taking time out to engage oneself completely in a Pilates class – bringing awareness to the body as a whole. Focusing on only brain chatter…mindful. And of course I know all this! Being present and in the moment reduces stress and develops greater balance and control and allows one to participate in life with a bit more commitment.

Right then, time to practice what I preach.

Stop, breathe and get perspective.

By stepping out of my profile page, my own stories, my own personal view on myself I had a greater propensity to see more and really ‘connect’ with others.

This way of life brings me back to when I was travelling and how refreshing it was not having wifi in some places. Allowing for the mind to fully appreciate the surroundings and the people without the background of my brain in social media; I was present.

Little things that make a big difference

By removing the distraction of technology results in less multi tasking, allowing you to fully invest in the activity you are doing.

Switch off your notifications. Make mindful choices about what actually needs to flag up on your phone. The amount of times an insignificant app notifies me of something totally pointless and irrelevant and brings me out of what I am doing.

No phone when doesn’t need to come onto the dinner table with you! Eat and fully taste!

Leave it in your bag when with friends. Talk and fully listen!

When you’re standing in a queue don’t reach for your phone for something to do. Just be.

Unplug for a day. It even has the irony of a hashtag! #smfsunday Social Media Free Sunday. Put your phone/laptop/ipad in a draw for 12 hours and engage in activities offline, away from the screen.

A day too much? Then try and just dedicate one minute to unplug, rest and reset.

1. Find a quiet space away from distractions

2. Get into a comfortable position; lying, sitting, standing

3. Breathe in and out through your nose, and scan from head to toe telling each part of your body to relax and let go.

4. If the mind strays, bring your attention back to your breath and your body.

If you have 29 more minutes click on this link..

Give yourself mental, emotional and physical space.

And at the end of the day..

We are all human! This is hard. Let this just raise your own awareness and observe how you act day to day. Know that time out is important.

Think of yourself.

Be true to yourself.

Writing this in Richmond Park!

Writing this in Richmond Park!

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