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Firstly, Hannah and I want to thank you for taking the time to do a quick feedback form for us. It is super crucial and timely for us to get an idea of how the site is being received and perceived by people before it is rolled out to a wider audience. This includes the general vibe/style/tone, the imagery and language used throughout all pages etc. Some of you will have been given access to a Partner Hub page, if you do not have a password please let us know. Please browse through all major pages (don't forget the footer) and be honest about what you like or dislike, we are totally open to suggestions.


Thanks again,

Kyle and Hannah


You are welcome to join one of Hannah's Live Zoom Pilates classes for free. The coupon code arrives once the form is submitted but you need to be a site member

Feedback Form
Depending on your availability you can do just the multiple choice (1-2mins), multiple choice and a final advice thought (5-6mins) or go the whole nine yards and give some supporting info to your multiple choice answers (10-12 Mins)...
which would be amazing! Thanks again...
Did you view on a mobile or desktop/laptop?
How was your overall experience of the site?
How was the sites load speed?
How does the site look and feel?
In your view, does this business come across as authentic or not?
Is the site easy to navigate?
Thoughts on photos + videos? (not channel videos)
Thoughts on Holistic Channel user experience?
Thoughts on text and language style used? (tick one or more)

Thanks again so much for your support. 

Submitted thank you! Here's your free class coupon: HB-FREE-LIVE

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